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What Is An Internal Medicine Physician and How Can Their Expertise Improve Your Life?


There are several areas in life where individuals tend to cut corners, but your health should not be one of them. Whether you are going in for a routine check-up or seeking a specialist to review a diagnosis, you should not settle for anything but the best that the field has to offer. PURE Executive Health & Wellness is composed of some of the best Internal Medicine Doctors in Miami and can serve as the stepping stone you are searching for into this innovative field of medical attention and treatment.

Internal Medicine Physicians differ from traditional physicians in that they specialize in applying scientific knowledge to various aspects of adult medical treatment. This deeper dive into the information garnered through new findings and research can provide expert diagnosis, treatment, and the overall care of patients across the health spectrum.

Individuals with the title of “Internal Medicine Physician” typically attend three to seven more years of medical school and postgraduate training. As you may already be aware, traditional physicians go through rigorous schooling to ensure that they are fit to serve the general public once they receive their diploma.

However, only physicians of internal medicine dedicate an abundance of postgraduate training to being experts in preventing diseases, as well as diagnosing and treating patients who are affected by said diseases. This special dedication to the field may help you feel more secure in deciding whether internal medicine is right for you.


While other medical practitioners may dedicate themselves to a specific field, internal medicine physicians are well equipped to handle anything that comes their way. Their broad knowledge in solving diagnostic problems and treating severe chronic illnesses means that they will be able to supply expert solutions, regardless of how common or rare your condition may be.

Internal Medicine Physicians are often referred to as “internists,” “general internists” or “doctors of internal medicine.” In layman’s terms, these professionals take the general practice of medicine one step further and are even often called upon by traditional physicians to help diagnose a patient that may be supplying puzzling issues that cannot be easily identified, even through testing.

At PURE Executive Health & Wellness, we firmly believe that health is the most important asset to living a full and happy life. Our center is a place for those individuals who take the state of their health seriously and will not settle for mediocre medical attention.

Our staff is carefully trained and educated in many different areas to provide a wide variety of services from diagnostic testing to nutritional services. It is our goal to help you achieve a quality of life you never thought possible.  

If you are an adult who currently sees a family physician for your medical needs, you may consider transitioning to an internal medicine physician for a variety of reasons. While family physicians can offer treatment to individuals of any age, including children, internal medicine physicians are dedicated to strictly adults. This can be an asset because the services provided will be more aimed towards your needs.


Invest in your health and wellness by choosing PURE Executive Health & Wellness as your go-to source for expert medical services. Give us a call today at (786) 227-6811 to schedule an appointment with our Internal Medicine Doctors in Miami or click here now to learn how you can make the first steps towards a longer, healthier, and more productive life!