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We and our patients value a personal experience.
At PURE, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled care.


Welcome to PURE Health!

The PURE team is committed to building relationships with patients and developing a culture of wellness. We offer concierge medicine, executive physicals, IV therapy, and wellness services. Call us to book your appointment today.


Concierge Membership Program

The concierge medicine services at PURE Executive Health & Wellness include annual check-ups, routine follow-up visits, sick visits, immunizations, lab testing, and counseling.

Annual-Check Ups

Concierge medicine means comprehensive physical exams and consultations that include all the testing and assessments you need.

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Routine Follow-Ups

We provide consistent and customized care to address urgent health issues, manage chronic conditions, and educate you on how to implement lifestyle adjustments.

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You will have exclusive access to your doctor via secure telemedicine services, including text, phone, and video conferencing.

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Sick Visits

Concierge medicine helps you invest in your health and wellness. By making small changes to increase your healthy choices and habits, you enhance your longevity.

Bryant Hansen
Bryant Hansen
Dr. Miranda is great! You get the personal attention that you don't get with most doctors. Highly recommend.
ridgenj USA
ridgenj USA
Doctor Miranda saw me without having to wait at all. The Office is not crowded and you get a concierge service. All my questions were answered in an understandable fashion. We fly in from out of state just to see her.
Kathryn Balanag
Kathryn Balanag
It is very rare that a doctor takes this much time with you and addresses your problems, not just following a list. I felt cared for and comfortable discussing my symptoms.
M. Scott Scott
M. Scott Scott
Dr. Ivan is the epitome of what the medical profession should be. The premise of a doctor is to care about you and your medical needs. In todays world the medical profession is so focused on running patients in and out to monetize the hours because insurance makes it so difficult for them to manage and earn a living. Dr. Ivan is the complete opposite and going into her office is as if going back in time when doctors actually cared about their patients. One visit to her office and you will never use another physician unless she refers you to one.
Jaime Salgado
Jaime Salgado
Very professional and efficient staff and practice.


PURE Executive Health & Wellness offers the latest technologies for treatment, management, and preventive care.

Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine is personalized care with enhanced access to providers.

Executive Physical

An executive physical delivers comprehensive health care in a single visit.

IV Therapy

An executive physical delivers comprehensive health care in a single visit.

Nutrition Services

PURE Executive Health & Wellness offers a number of nutrition packages to meet your very specific needs.

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing includes lab tests that separate, identify, and study your genes.

Weight Loss

PURE Health offers highly customized weight-loss programs to help you reach your goals.


PURE Health remains devoted to providing personalized and preventative care to our members.

We continue striving to be a preeminent source of education and service to each and every patient, allowing them to lead healthy and vibrant lives.

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Your Concierge
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