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The Miracle Of Regenerative Medicine: Why It’s Considered Life Changing and Much More!


If you have recently suffered from an acute muscle injury, or have chronic injuries but your treatments are not proving effective, it may be time to try a new approach. At PURE Executive Health & Wellness, our Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy will provide a natural way to heal your body quicker and more effectively than other treatments.

Rather than relying on a potentially risky surgery to heal you, which has the opportunity to fail and leave you worse off, our PRP Injections take advantage of the natural healing power of the body. By doing this, your body will be able to heal faster and have results that last longer than from other techniques.

All blood contains a component called platelets which are known for assisting in clotting your blood. However, platelets also contain proteins called growth factors which play an essential role in healing injuries. Our Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy takes advantage of these growth factors to provide natural healing to your body.

For PRP Injections to be effective, it needs 5 to 10 times the amount of platelets that your blood naturally has. To accomplish this, our physicians will take a sample of your blood and separate the platelets from it. Then, in a process called centrifugation, the concentration of platelets will increase.


Once the desired concentration of platelets is achieved, they can be combined with your blood again, and it is ready to be used for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. This platelet-rich blood is then injected at the location of the injury, and the increased level of growth factors will repair the damaged tissue. Since PRP Injections come from the patient’s blood, there is virtually no risk for complications or rejection.

For athletes and active individuals, injuries are more common and can set back your progress by weeks, or sometimes months, depending on the severity. By having Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, your body will be able to heal its injuries faster, allowing you to return to the field without missing as much time. Professional athletes have used PRP for years, which is how they can recover from injury and play at the highest level.

If you have any questions or are unsure about PRP Injections, one of our team members will be more than happy to sit down with you to discuss your options. We want to ensure all of our patients feel cared for and comfortable during their appointments.

At PURE Executive Health & Wellness, our Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy can provide you with faster, natural, and more effective healing from your acute or chronic muscle injuries. If you have been sidelined for a while without seeing much improvement in your condition, ask us how our treatments can benefit you!


Rather than attempt a dangerous surgery that may not even work, come into our office and see how your own blood can be used to help your tissue heal. We are constantly keeping up with the newest technologies and treatments so our patients can always receive the finest care available.

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