Post by: / June 28, 2022

Now More Than Ever Women Need Their Physical for Health (This Is Why)


Your health is your most important asset. Every woman needs to know the status of their health and receive regular annual checkups, no matter what their age or their current health status. At PURE Executive Health & Wellness a woman’s physical for health offers the most comprehensive and personalized medical evaluation. It is focused on providing the most current preventive care services, optimizing one’s diet and lifestyle to achieve better everyday living, and personalizing the exam and care specific to each patient’s needs.

There is no better time than now to meet with one of the expert primary care doctors from PURE Executive Health & Wellness. The team of women physicians is exceptionally qualified to help female patients stay healthy and feel their best. The woman’s physical for health is designed to help patients understand their current health status while addressing any concerns they may have. The comprehensive visit includes a discussion with the physicians and testing to analyze hormone levels related to daily function and menopause, organ function, heart health, HPV risk and develop an understanding of potential breast and other cancer risks. Uncovering these details about one’s health will provide patients with the knowledge necessary to live healthy lives and make informed decisions about lifestyle changes.


Women account for over 50% of the United States population and are valuable contributors to society. At PURE Executive Health & Wellness a woman’s physical for health involves more than an annual PAP smear and mammogram. Our doctors are uniquely positioned to optimally address all aspects of one’s health including management of both acute and chronic illnesses such as upper respiratory infections, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, chronic fatigue and thyroid disorders. Additionally, our physicians will focus on exercise and nutrition plans specifically related to each patient’s lifestyle.

PURE Executive Health & Wellness also offers a unique approach to patient care by providing a personalized approach to medicine, with options for genetic testing and counseling as well as detailed evaluations for potential food sensitivities.

Believing that healthcare maintenance and preventative wellness are the most important facets of living a full life, we consistently educate ourselves on the latest medical developments and technologies. We strive to provide our patients with the highest quality treatment possible.


At PURE Executive Health & Wellness, every female patient can discover precisely how her system is operating at a given moment. For more information about our women’s physical services, as well as how they can benefit your health, contact us today to schedule an appointment.