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Monitor the Improvement of Your Osteoporosis with DEXA Bone Scans

DEXA Scan in Miami – Bone Density Test to Measure Bone Health

The DEXA Scan Bone Density Test can help detect weak bones or bones affected by osteoporosis. It is the gold-standard test specialists use to diagnose osteoporosis. We perform the examination done in the office at PURE Executive Health and Wellness.

What is a DEXA Scan Bone Density Test in Miami?

DEXA stands for Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. A DEXA scan uses low-energy X-rays from two different sources directed at the bones being tested. The denser the bone is, the fewer X-rays get through to the detector. Having the two different X-ray sources greatly improves the accuracy in measuring the bone density.

The DEXA Scan Miami Bone Density Test at PURE Executive Health and Wellness measures the density of your bones, specifically in the hips and spine. Specialists may also test on the wrist, heel or finger. These are the most common locations for bone fractures.  

The DEXA Scan machine sends dual X-rays to spine and hips to detect any weaknesses in the bones. The amount of X-rays that comes through the bone from each of the two X-ray sources is measured by a detector. A computer then calculates a score of the average density of the bone.  Depending on the thickness of the bones, this measurement will vary from patient to patient.  

What to Expect During a DEXA Scan Bone Density Test?

At PURE Executive Health and Wellness, the scan normally lasts between 10 to 20 minutes. There is no need for any special preparation prior to a DEXA scan. You will be asked to dress in a gown and remove all metals. Patients lie still on a completely open X-ray table, and the bone density scanner passes over the patient’s body. There are no closed tunnels or rings.

A DEXA Scan Bone Density Test is painless and minimizes the amount of radiation a patient experiences with low-radiation X-rays. When the test is complete, patients can return to work, home, and their daily lives.

A bone density test differs from traditional bone scanning. A bone scan requires an injection prior to the analyzation. Doctors customarily use this examination to enable their detection of certain fractures, cancer, infections, and other potential abnormalities within the bone.

Why Does PURE Executive Health and Wellness in Miami Administer the DEXA Scan Bone Density Test?

Our doctors at PURE Executive Health and Wellness carefully address all issues that may affect your well being; bone health is an integral part of that well being.  Our physicians utilize this bone density test to identify decreases in bone density in patients who are at high risk for weak bones as well as to determine their risk for future bone breaks and fractures. Additionally, a DEXA scan can also confirm a prior osteoporosis diagnosis and serve as a monitoring modality for osteoporosis treatment efficacy.

The higher a patient’s bone mineral composition, the denser their bone structure is. A denser bone is also stronger, and the less likely it is to break in the future.

Despite osteoporosis occurring more frequently in older women, men can also develop the condition. Regardless of a patient’s sex or age, PURE Executive Health and Wellness may recommend a DEXA Scan in Miami Bone Density Test for a variety of patients that lost height, fractured a bone, or displayed a hormone level drop.

DEXA Scan in Miami from PURE Executive Health and Wellness

The truth of the matter is that everyone will lose bone mass as they get older. However, only some individuals develop osteoporosis. Despite the lack of osteoporosis symptoms, a bone density test is a fast, easy, and painless procedure to inform doctors about a patient’s state of bone health.

PURE Executive Health and Wellness provides primary care for individuals that want to take their healthcare to a preeminent level. Our physicians represent a crucial health management resource for the South Florida community.

For more information on the DEXA Scan Bone Density Test from PURE Executive Health and Wellness please contact our dedicated team of doctors. We can help you determine your bone density and what that means for your current health status. As a result, we will clarify your future health goals and your lifestyle.

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