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Find Out What PURE Health Thinks You Need To Cut From Your Diet ASAP


Have you struggled with maintaining a healthy weight lately? Has your struggle with weight loss been a lifelong journey? Regardless of where your bodily health is currently situated, it is never too late to make significant changes in your lifestyle to achieve a healthier you. Crafting a dietary plan that meets your unique needs can be a tricky task, but our experts at PURE Executive Health & Wellness are more than happy to offer our Nutrition Class Miami to help educate you on what foods you should be eating and which you should be avoiding.


Before we zone in on what you should make a regular part of your meals, it is typically a good first step to pinpoint which foods you should eliminate immediately. Some of the foods we mention will be a given, but others may surprise you:

Sugary drinks:

Ever heard of drinking your calories? This is a very real concern when you allow yourself to indulge in sodas and sugary juices too often. It is one aspect that many individuals tend to overlook because we usually equate calories to solid food, but what you drink can be as unhealthy and even more harmful. If your goal is to slim down, your best bet is to stick to drinking plenty of water and certain sparkling, flavored waters that contain no added sugars if you want to enjoy a sweeter taste.


For many individuals, this is the hardest thing to give up when going on a diet. Bread is a carb that is found in so many foods, from sandwiches to breakfast dishes. If you find it impossible to go without bread, it is best to stick to wheat and whole grains. White bread contains a lot of added sugars that spike your blood levels and trigger weight gain.


Yet another area that many do not consider when cutting back on calories, alcohol can really make or break a diet plan. Drinking alcohol in moderation is fine, but when you are out for the night with close friends, it is easy to lose track of your intake. The type of alcoholic drink you order also plays a huge role. Beer is notorious for causing weight gain and mixed drinks that contain soda or sweeteners can be just as bad. Opting for a vodka and tonic water versus a vodka and cranberry juice can help tremendously in restricting your calorie intake while still enjoying your happy hour buzz.

Frozen meals:

What may seem like a simple option that you can quickly pop into the microwave when you don’t have the time to cook may be doing more harm to your body than good. This is because sodium is often used as a natural preservative, which causes you to retain water and feel bloated. The act of freezing a meal or leftovers isn’t harmful, it is just best to avoid companies who advertise pre-frozen meals as they typically contain small portions that are packed with calories and overall an unsatisfying experience.


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