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Celebrate Women’s Health Care Month By Getting Your Annual Physical Done


April is Women’s Health Care Month, so there is no better time than now to schedule your yearly wellness physical appointment. Having a regular physical exam is crucial in not only keeping up to date with your health but also detecting any potential health complications. For Women’s Health Care Month, make an appointment at PURE Executive Health and Wellness!

Our comprehensive wellness physicals are designed for women and those who want the best preventative medicine by using state-of-the-art testing. Our doctors will provide you with a complete diagnostic and summary evaluation of your results.

During our physicals, we run a variety of different tests to check for a number of illnesses and conditions. From pap smears and cholesterol screenings to thyroid testing, you can get a comprehensive view of your health. Our doctors will professionally administer these tests and accurately decipher the results.

Even if you haven’t had a physical exam in years, our team will be happy to see you in our offices during Women’s Health Care Month and beyond. We want to provide the highest quality care to every patient, so you can feel confident that you are in the right hands! By regularly getting your health checked on, you are helping to ensure you live a long and happy life.


Here are some of the reasons why our experts believe you should come into our office for a Women’s Health Care Month checkup.

Preventative Care:

One of the main reasons for having a regular physical exam is to lower your chances of developing any potential life-threatening illnesses or conditions. The earlier our doctors detect any abnormalities, the easier and quicker it will be to provide you with the correct treatment.

Updated Records:

Having updated medical records is vital to your overall health as well. If you switch doctors or have sudden symptoms, the last thing you want is a large gap in your health records. A yearly checkup will allow yourself and any future doctors to know exactly how your health is progressing.

Promote Healthy Living:

When you come to our office for a checkup, our doctors will provide you with tips and strategies to start living a healthier and more productive life. We believe in the importance of living a healthy lifestyle to prevent common diseases and illnesses, so do not hesitate to ask us for any recommendations or tips!


At PURE Executive Health & Wellness, we want you to come into our office for a Women’s Health Care Month checkup! If you haven’t visited a doctor’s office in years or already have a yearly examination, we would love to have an appointment with you. If you wish to focus your efforts on preventative care for your health, look no further than talking to our team.

As you grow older, it is necessary to partake in managing your health to ensure that you live a longer and more active lifestyle. Why wait any longer to have your yearly health checkup? Our doctors will provide you with the highest quality care to give you the boost you need.

Learn more about the benefits of our yearly health checkups by calling us today at (786) 227-6811 or click here to schedule an appointment online!