PURE Concierge Health Program

Offering the highest care in concierge medicine for individuals serious about their health.


Our membership program represents a truly dynamic and comprehensive approach to your health. Become a patient and see what has set us apart from other medical practices in South Florida. Our physicians not only trained in the best universities and medical residency programs across the country, they also have extensive knowledge in precision and functional medicine. We look at the root causes of illness and an unhealthy life, and have a proactive approach to counter this and optimize your health.

The Concierge Health Membership is a one year program offering:

The Membership is available for a single patient, a couple, or a family. 

Concierge Medicine Q & A

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine is personalized, unrushed care with enhanced access to providers. The concierge medicine services at PURE Executive Health & Wellness include annual check-ups, routine follow-up visits, sick visits, immunizations, lab testing, and counseling.

At PURE Executive Health & Wellness, the team provides consistent and customized care to address urgent health issues, manage chronic conditions, and educate you on how to implement lifestyle adjustments to optimize your health for a long, healthy, and active life.

What can I expect from concierge medicine?

At PURE Executive Health & Wellness, concierge medicine means comprehensive physical exams and consultations that include all the testing and assessments you need. You also have exclusive access to your doctor via secure telemedicine services, including text, phone, and video conferencing.

The providers offer several preventive health screenings, such as physicals, genetic testing, athletic performance testing, bone density scans, advanced heart testing, and wellness assessments. Your physician spends ample time with you, discussing your health and how your lifestyle and habits directly affect it.

Additionally, you don’t have to spend time waiting to be seen, going to multiple appointments, and offices for your testing. If any follow-up appointments are necessary after your initial consultation, you can return according to your schedule or access the available telemedicine services.

What are the benefits of concierge medicine programs?

Concierge medicine programs are patient-focused and customized to offer anti-aging solutions as well as health management. Your medical team works with you to help you look and feel your best while reducing your risk for chronic health problems, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Concierge medicine helps you invest in your health and wellness. By making small changes to increase your healthy choices and habits, you enhance your longevity. Your doctor knows you intimately, and the extensive exams reveal the earliest warning signs of health problems, enabling your doctor to provide the treatment you need to restore your health before you ever notice a symptom or disruption.

We see and treat patients in all of the greater Miami area. If you’d like truly personalized care, call PURE Executive Health & Wellness to enjoy the benefits of concierge medicine.

We offer concierge medicine, executive physical, and IV therapy. Call us to book your appointment today.


Pure Health remains devoted to providing personalized and preventative care to our members.

We continue striving to be a preeminent source of education and service to each and every patient, allowing them to lead healthy and vibrant lives.