House Calls

We believe that when considering optimal health maintenance, this should not represent a stressful ordeal.

The traditional physician-patient house call is a seemingly antiquated notion. After all, doctors no longer carry their “tool bag” from door to door seeking to assist patients with their healthcare.

However, physician house calls provide a unique perspective into a patient’s environment. This analyzation of how a patient lives their life is unique and is otherwise unavailable within a traditional medical setting.

In an ever-evolving and transforming medical landscape, the house call is making a resurgence in modern medicine. Modern healthcare specialists employ house calls in order to assist their patients with optimal health maintenance.

A few common indicators that a patient needs house call services include chronic conditions, as well as age derivative risk factors. A physician house call enables a specialist to evaluate patients through clinical assessment in their very own homes.


This additionally allows the physician’s evaluation of a patient’s home infrastructure, safety, and their capability when performing common tasks. Some of these include medicinal self-administration, cleaning, and getting in and out of bed.

The House Call in Modern Medicine

PURE Health in Miami provides numerous services to our patients in the South Florida area. One of these services is medical concierge healthcare. We believe that when considering optimal health maintenance, this should not represent a stressful ordeal.

In order to make healthcare as easy as possible for our patients, PURE Health provides specialized services including house calls. This process is custom tailored to suit our patients’ unique and individual needs.

The house call occurrence is seemingly rare for many individuals. However, numerous patients appreciate the benefits that a house call provides. Patients regularly need medical attention, but unfortunately cannot make it to a hospital or healthcare center on their own.

Loved ones cannot always provide transportation to assist those unable to drive. This could cause these individuals to miss out on important appointments, and sometimes gravely needed medical treatment.

By providing house calls to our patients as a part of the medical concierge services we provide, this ensures they receive the medical care they need. This includes, however, is not limited to checkups and regular health maintenance.

A PURE Health expert can come to your home, and then perform a full services package without you leaving your comfortable home. The house call service additionally eradicates any inconveniences associated with spending your day in a physician’s waiting room.

House calls with PURE Health involve specific scheduling within a predetermined time block. This benefit allows you to go on with the rest of your day as normal, once the house call is complete.

Mutually Benefical Relationship Development

House calls can benefit physicians as well. It is a medical practice that at one time represented common medical interaction. This practice started in modern medicine’s earliest beginnings. Nevertheless, the house call lost popularity as time went on.

Most medical attention is provided by specialists in a hospital setting nowadays, employing advanced medical technology for a variety of diagnostic examinations.

However, PURE Health values the information that only a house call provides. This provides us with insight into a patient’s condition as well as their overall health state. When we visit a patient’s environment, we gain access to their lifestyle. This helps us analyze how specific decisions impact their wellbeing.

If we find something in a patient’s home that is unsafe, or potentially detrimental, our physician will guide and educate you on specific solutions to correct these issues. This is vital for patients putting themselves in harm’s way while living with a disability or chronic condition.

A house call is the only method that provides this preventative level of care.

By gaining this information about a patient’s environment, we can cultivate a custom treatment for their needs. This helps us to propagate a culture of maintaining overall wellness in addition to care management.

Though house calls may reside somewhere in the past, we strive to keep many of its tenets alive and well. This service alongside our medical concierge services package demonstrates our commitment to our patients.

As medicine continues evolving, we continue to evolve with it while providing a comprehensive care package for all of our patients’ needs. If a patient is in need of house call medical services, our team is there to help.

House Calls From PURE Health

Providing patients with house calls is just one aspect that makes our practice a unique options for individuals seeking a quality physician. Nonetheless, a PURE Health medical specialist is not your ordinary medical professional.

Our team adheres to internal medicine. This practice differs from the traditional medical application in that it focuses on a deep dive into scientific knowledge. This knowledge relates to numerous facets concerning adult medical treatment.

PURE Health represents an investment into your current and also future health and wellness. We employ the latest in medical technology and technique to ensure our patients receive preeminent care regardless of their needs.

Our specialists can provide you with a comprehensive care package applying our extensive knowledge, and the latest in medical technology. We can handle your healthcare management, while address any issues, should they arise.

For more information on our medical concierge package, contact a professional from PURE Health today. We want to help you achieve the ultimate level of care for any of your possible medical needs.

This concierge package includes house calls, coordinated and customized for your unique situation.


Pure Health remains devoted to providing personalized and preventative care to our members.

We continue striving to be a preeminent source of education and service to each and every patient, allowing them to lead healthy and vibrant lives.