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This is a place for people who are serious about their health. Our patients view PURE as an investment and us as their health & wellness asset manager. The return is a longer, healthier, more productive life.


Personalized Preventative Care

Pure Health remains devoted to providing personalized and preventative care to our members. We continue striving to be a preeminent source of education and service to each and every patient, allowing them to lead healthy and vibrant lives.

PURE HEALTH is Committed To

  • The provision of consistent, quality care in managing chronic conditions, as well as urgent issues.
  • Attending to your individual health needs and concerns while valuing relationship development with our patients.
  • Serving you as our patients through the employment and application of the education in addition to the experience of our team.
  • Active involvement in educating patients and employing modern medical techniques and technology.
  • Working harmoniously and collaboratively to provide a complete, and streamlined healthcare plan for our patients.
  • Cultivation of a comfortable atmosphere allowing for relaxation and enjoyment during your time with us.
  • Vigorously promoting the wellness of our patients as a culture, providing an open forum for discussion with our corporate partners.
  • Offering complete, customized solutions for corporations. Additionally empowering employees and executives with the clarity and education needed to achieve an optimal level of health and productivity.
Tariq Zaid

What a great experience! I flew in for a physical a couple of months ago and was seen right on schedule. All of the staff at Pure Executive Health & Wellness, especially Doctor Miranda, were very professional and knowledgable. In less than a week, I had a full written summary explaining all of my lab results and a scheduled face-time chat to discuss them with Doctor Miranda. Highly recommend!

Roger Tovar

Dr. Miranda is very thorough and does a great job. It’s amazing to see a doctor who honors appointments. The people in the office are also very professional and courteous. Dr. Miranda takes her time and ask many questions and encourages questions in return. Once finished the staff are very helpful in scheduling other appointments with other doctors when necessary. Dr. Miranda also does a fantastic job as to communicating test results and giving advice as to what you need to do to continue living a healthy lifestyle. I would strongly encourage anyone to use her.

Janelle Perez

Dr. Miranda is an amazing doctor, she was the first doctor to ever truly listen to me. Unlike all of my previous doctors, she takes the time to sit down with me and talk about my concerns before even beginning her examination. On my first appointment, she literally saved my life. I always had a feeling there was something wrong, and all my other doctors brushed me off because I was too young. Well turns out, I had stage iv lymphoma that Dr. Miranda found. I trust her with all of my medical decisions, and she goes above and beyond to get me the answers I need. I love that when I have an appointment, I never have to wait. You can truly tell she is passionate about her work and loves what she does. On top of the office always looking beautiful and clean, the rest of the staff is amazing!

Becca Romero

I was diagnosed with IBS after suffering for almost 2 years with severe abdominal pain and weight loss. I had to undergo many invasive tests, and my medications never alleviated my pain, they only masked my symptoms. I even tried eliminating dairy, soy and gluten from my diet, but as it turned out, I was sensitive to most gluten-free products.  Food sensitivity testing was my last resort, but should have been my first. I now feel great, I am at a comfortable weight, and after completing the program, I was able reintroduce and can now eat all of the foods I had to eliminate.

Chad Masin

I tested for food sensitivities to help clear up my acne.  I had it very badly on my back and face. Being a teenager, an athlete, and living in the heat of the tropics only aggravated the situation. The antibiotics I was on irritated my stomach, the topicals really weren’t enough, and the acutane option was just too severe. So I opted to try food sensitivity testing, and it worked great. Although I had to temporarily avoid many of the foods I was used to eating, I learned to make all my meals with the fruits, veggies, proteins and carbs that I wasn’t sensitive to. I had plenty of energy for studying and working out, even great options for my protein smoothies and homemade granola bars. The results were dramatic and very visible. I totally recommend it.